Green Witchcraft: The Complete Guide

Today, more and more witches decide to take the path of green witchcraft, one of the most popular branches of modern witchcraft. However, we must know that this practice has many older origins.

By tradition and also in the collective imagination of the common people, the witches have always had a particular interest and a great knowledge of herbs, plants and their properties.

In the past, in fact, the use of herbs developed mainly for curative use and natural medicine was born from the need to find a remedy for the first diseases or wounds. Therefore, the figure of the green witch was undoubtedly an important reference point.

Those who dealt with these practices were our healing ancestors, including druids or shamans, men and women, who we must remember and thank for having handed down their knowledge from generation to generation. Over time, these precious cultural and millennial resources have been transformed, corrected, replaced or enriched to the present day, by different cultures and traditions, to be then used and spread especially for magical purposes.

What is a green witch

In the modern era the green witch is the one who makes use mainly of the power and energies of plants, but also of crystals, both for therapeutic and magical purposes, using their properties to draw benefits at a physical and spiritual level, to help herself/himself and also other people.

Green witch

We could define the green witchcraft an ancient practice that makes use of the magic of natural energies, as well as those elementals (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), to achieve a precise purpose. Some of the magical activities that a green witch can perform are aimed at healing, love, prosperity, protection, banish, and more.

Remember that this path can be practiced by anyone, regardless of sex, age, race, religion and so on.

Philosophy of the green witch

Thanks to the use of herbs and plants, the green witch has always been in close contact with Nature and with her has established a strong and intimate spiritual bond. Working with the force of the elements and their energy helps us to stay in connection with Nature, as they are present everywhere and are interconnected to us at all times. Everything around us is imbued with energy, and it also resides within us.

Even today the green witch must learn to get in touch with the environment that surrounds her, whether she lives in the countryside and whether she lives in the city center. Nature is born and grows wherever we are and therefore we can get in tune with her wherever we live.

For a green witch it is important to maintain a constant connection with the natural environment and consequently with the Earth. Working with the Earth means learning to know and respect her, to listen to her needs and rhythms, to maintain her balance and harmony between us and her, as well as to take care of her, her habitants and her gifts for us. This deep identification with our planet helps us and allows us to use its energies. So Nature, as for our ancestors, becomes the best healer there is.

The rhythms of the green witch

We have learned how important it is in green witchcraft to work in contact with Nature and Her energies. Another particular to which a green witch pays attention: the cycles of the seasons and the lunar cycles.

Knowing the four seasons is important to harmonize with the rhythms of Nature. Seasonal cycles are nothing more than the mirror of what the cycle of life is.

Lunar cycle

With the Winter Solstice, Earth and Nature awaken slowly after a long period of sleep. With the Spring Equinox, the Earth turns to light and Nature to growth. With the Summer Solstice, Nature thrives on Earth and is overflowing with fertility. With the Autumn Equinox, Nature declines, and the Earth leans towards the darkness of the coming winter.

Seasonal cycles and lunar cycles are essential to gain insight into the movements and development of Nature on Earth. They are also essential for practical purposes such as the care, sowing or harvesting of herbs and plants. The lunar cycles are in fact more linked – if we can say so – to agricultural practice and gardening.

The path of the green witch

We have learned that the path of the green witch is to use Earth’s natural energies and that these energies are everywhere, in and around us. Consequently, the same energies also reside within plants, main and fundamental “tools” in the practice of green witchcraft.

The use of plants is a job that will require a lot of time, research and experience, so the study path will be necessarily long and complex. On the other hand you never stop learning.

While in the past our ancestors kept their formulas secretly and jealously, now there are countless books, articles or blogs that refer to green witchcraft and that can be useful references and general guides for our path. Let us remember, however, how the first-person approach and our instincts will be fundamental to learn how to use Earth’s natural energies.

The same will be true of magic matches. We will find endless lists of magical associations for each type of plant, sometimes different or even contrasting, but also in this case will be fundamental our previous knowledge and our intention.

Plants green witchcraft

When green witchcraft is mentioned, it is natural to immediately think about the use of only one part of the herbs. Instead, the green witch uses every part, or almost, of a plant, depending on what she needs. In this practice are utilized also the flowers, the leaves, the seeds, the roots, the spices, the trees, of which the barks, the branches, the resins and so on.

However, it remains crucial that anyone who makes use of these powerful gifts on Earth learn to know them as well as they can, in order to avoid any kind of problems. In fact it is good to remember that some plants can be stinging or even toxic, if they are rubbed, ingested, drunk, or inhaled by burning in the form of incense. Therefore, attention should also be paid to the methods of preparation of the same.

The practice of the green witch

The plants occupy an important part in the wide range of ingredients available to a green witch. To begin to have a well-assorted pantry, you will need to know how and where to get them.

If you have the possibility and if you want to have a quality or fresher ingredient, you can search and collect your plants walking immersed in Nature, in the mountains, in the countryside, in the woods and wherever you think you can find them. Another solution is to grow them in your own garden, in the vegetable garden, or even at home, inside the house or on the balcony.

Both can be fascinating and fulfilling solutions, especially when you see firsthand Nature come to life and take her course, from the moment of sowing, during the growth and finally to the harvest.

When harvesting a specific plant, you will need to remember to take only what you really need. It is a matter of respect for the Earth, which we will have to thank for her precious gifts and not unwittingly take advantage of. Also because over-harvesting could be counterproductive and you risk having to throw away what you don’t need.

This philosophy is important to remember to maintain the right balance in Nature. If you want to, you can leave an offer as an exchange between you and the Earth, which can simply be dodging the point where you collected the plant.

If instead you can not afford to harvest or grow yourselves the plants you need, or if you can not find them for any reason, nothing prevents you to buy your supplies from the herbalist trust, rather than the market, in grocery stores or specialty stores and so on.

witch forest

Once the plants are recovered and considered for what purpose to use them, it will be necessary to understand how and in what form they will be maintained. Plants are often dried and stored in glass jars for long-term use, for example during ritual baths and bath salts, such as incense, in mojo bags or spell jars, to sprinkle candles, to create powders and more. Instead, they can be used fresh and at the moment if they will be used for infusions, to create essential oils, ointments, dyes and more.

All plants possess different energies and magical properties. For them to work to satisfy their own purposes, it will be necessary to charge them energetically visualizing our intention and directing to them also our personal power.

Resources of the green witch


When herbs are mentioned in the practice of green witchcraft, automatically the first herbs that come to mind are the aromatic ones. Aromatic herbs are often dried to make their preservation easier and in such a way as to preserve their aroma. On the contrary, this does not prohibit the use of fresh and cultured herbs at the time or their cultivation. Everything always depends on the use you want to make.

Some of the most known and most used aromatic herbs, essential to possess in the stock of a green witch, are basil, mint, rosemary, sage, thyme, marjoram, parsley. Most of the magic associations of these herbs for which they are used are protection, purification, love, money, but some are also useful for health, courage and strength.

Even the laurel could be considered an aromatic herb and its leaves are used especially in spells to realize desires. To make them come true, in fact, just write on the leaves of dried laurel the desires, then they will be burned to manifest the intentions.


Spices are also present in the pantry of a green witch, and these are also used for magical purposes. The most famous is perhaps cinnamon, also used, as for the main aromatic herbs that we mentioned before, for protection, purification, love, prosperity and abundance.

Every first day of the month, the powdered cinnamon can be blown from the outside of the main door into the interior of your home or workplace, displaying the abundance and prosperity that will come. This is a very simple spell that anyone can practice.

Witchcraft spices

Other known spices are cloves, also useful for money, but also for love and protection; star anise also used for protection and also for luck; the cardamom whose magical associations are used for love, lust and passion; coriander for healing, cumin against negativity, nutmeg for fidelity and so on… There are as many spices as their multiple uses. A tip: a pinch of black pepper or chili pepper will help strengthen and speed up your intentions.

These spices are used not only in the green witchcraft, but also in kitchen witchcraft, another branch of modern witchcraft. In fact, it also applies to plants, including flowers, seeds, fruits and vegetables, can all be used according to their magical properties and our purpose, in everyday culinary preparations or for special occasions, for example how it is already used to make specific herbal teas.


Like herbs, flowers are among the most preferred parts of plants of a green witch and they can be used both fresh and dry for different purposes. Two of the best-known flowers are lavender and rose, both of which are also found in the form of essential oil and both are associated with love and protection.

Lavender in particular is also used for purification and its scent helps to reconcile sleep and promotes relaxation, happiness and peace. The rose is also used for luck and divination. Other flowers that are used in the practice of green witchcraft are the jasmine that has aphrodisiac qualities, the carnation that makes strong and helps in healing, the hawthorn that gives harmony and desire, the sunflower that gives wisdom, the gardenia that accelerates spells like black pepper or chili, the lily that breaks spells and much more…

In addition to being useful ingredients in magical practices, flowers can also be used as home decorations, to prepare crowns during the holidays, in the creation of jewelry (as just do with crystals), or pressed inside paintings, pages, bookmarks, and more. Their energy, in whatever form the flowers are found, will remain unchanged.


Although it is not usual to consider them important ingredients for the practice of green witchcraft, actually the trees are used more often than you think. Branches, barks and resins are collected from them. From the wood of the trees are made some tools of the green witch such as the broom or the wand, or is used to crack amulets such as pentacles or objects such as altars, tables decorated as Ouija or for the pendulum, and more.

Dark forest

The famous broom of the witch should be built according to tradition with a handle made of ash wood that has a protective function and birch wood fibers that has a purifying function. Instead, the traditional woods used for the creation of magic wands are willow, elder, or oak, which all have protective and healing properties, some of which also give strength, luck, love and money.

Resins instead are mainly obtained to be used as ingredients in the creation of incense. The best-known resins are benzonium, myrrh, copal and olibanum.


Crystals are also precious gifts of the Earth and as such are used by the green witch as powerful tools like all other plants. In fact, like herbs, even crystals have their magical properties and are full of energy.

Crystals energy

Crystals have been common in this practice as in many other traditions and cultures for millions of years, everyone likes them and each of us holds at least one, there are different types, of different colors and sizes, and there are so many to be listed all at once.

Whatever our intention there is at least one crystal with a magic association useful to our purpose and the use we want to make of it. For example, we’ll use a rock crystal for protection, an amethyst for health, a rose quartz for love, a tiger’s eye for money, a red jasper for sexuality, a carnelian for courage, a lapis lazuli for healing, a smoked quartz against negative energies, an opal for luck, an obsidian for divination, and really much more…

Whether we carry a crystal with us or as a jewel, whether we keep it at home in a particular place in the room, their power and energy will never go out. We just need to learn how to take care of them, purify and charge them periodically.

Even crystals, whether raw or tumbled, can be used as plants during ritual baths and bath salts, in mojo bags or spell jars, to create Powders, for infusions, elixir and Moon Water, to create essential oils and more.

The working tools of the green witch

We have just finished learning how many and which Earth tools are used in green witchcraft practice. In order to use these gifts, however, there are other tools, in this case objects, that a green witch must always have available. For example, jars to store herbs, spices, flowers, incense and other ingredients, mostly dry; mortar and pestle to chop herbs, spices, flowers, seeds, roots and even to mix them together if needed; a boline, which traditionally was nothing more than the witches’ sickle and was used to collect the plants, but a knife or scissors will be better; to store the newly harvested plants could also serve a basket.

Witch broom

Other tools that could be useful are cloth bags for mojo bags, glass jars for spell jars or for essential oils, string to tie the herbs to each other or to dry them “upside down”, bowls or pots for the preparation of infusions, ointments or dyes, and more… As well as everything else necessary for each preparation in particular.

Green witchcraft in every day

Beyond all uses and properties, beyond all correspondences and all magical associations, we remember how to use the energy of the Earth we must also commit ourselves to remain in close contact with her and with the Nature that surrounds us.

The green witch is an interconnected part of Earth and Nature, and the practice of  green witchcraft is an integral part of this connection, so as green witches we should strive to maintain a constant balance even in everyday life.

In light of the current environmental situation that is developing on our planet, we could be more interested in environmental policies and environmental activism. It takes very little to pay attention to everyday habits and to preserve the environment in which we live.

For example we can start by recycling, walking or using a bicycle rather than using a car or scooter, creating a garden or cultivating a vegetable garden, planting in pots in the house, creating a shelter for animals to feed or drink, following a vegetarian or vegan diet, and much more.

These are just a few examples and small ideas that can be useful and valuable aid for the protection of the Earth and its inhabitants. Every decision we make and every gesture we make in this regard, even those that seem to us the most insignificant, can be seen as important realities and can influence our lives and that of others.

Each of us can make a difference and each of us can make a change. Isn’t this also a form of magic and witchcraft?