How to Find a Wiccan Coven

This article will be discussing the positive and negative aspects that may come up finding a Wiccan coven. We will look through what resources in this modern-day world, can assist you in this quest and red flags to look out for to keep you safe.

Felling the call of a Wiccan coven

It may be time for you to start looking for a coven if:

  • You feel a sense of loneliness within your spiritual practice.
  • Intuition is guiding you to find others.
  • You’re ready to awaken to new knowledge and collect feedback on techniques you already use.
  • The desire to teach and mentor others within their magic has become prominent within you.
  • The thought of belonging to a collective force feels appealing.
Reading a book

Go seek 

Looking for Wiccan covens to fellowship with, is now more than ever an easier task. The internet is a great way to become part of an online Wiccan community or find local covens in your area.

If you are ready to find a coven, one of the most important things to remember is that not all groups are going to be the same, or indeed what you are looking for, and just as in all spiritual groups, there are going to be some good, some bad and some that could be harmful to your path.

However don’t let this steer you away from calling in your coven dreams, as being with other people who believe in, and practice the same beliefs as you do, is a fulfilling part of a witches journey.

Although some witches prefer to lead a solitary life within their craft, which can also have its personal benefits of enlightenment. Coven life can be full of learning and magickal discoveries within a safe and trusted group. 

  • Occult shops in your area may themselves hold rituals and events especially around the full moon and during Wiccan celebrations.
  • Facebooks groups can offer an online coven to set up video rituals and to share photos, rituals and offerings, as well as advise, community and knowledge.
  • Wiccan festivals are all great places to start your search and can offer a great insight into the essence of the group.

Things to consider when looking for your perfect coven

Joining a coven is a two way offering, you may be expected to turn up, help out and lead certain events within the nature of the coven, in return for knowledge, friendship and initiation into collective power.

Research them, speak to them and use your intuition to guide you, if something is off then you will most likely feel it, and your witchy senses will start tingling either with a homely match or a straight up bad feeling, use this power to guide you to the right place.

Take a step back and begin to think about what witch you want to be or are already, write down a list of the following:

  • What do I want to gain from my coven?
  • What type of witch I am? For example, if you are a male witch on a Wiccan Celtic path, then an all-female, Greek deconstructionist coven isn’t going to be a fit for you.
  • Is the coven I am calling in a temporary need for a specific purpose or am I looking for a lifetime family within Wicca?
  • What am I willing to do within the Coven?
Wiccan Witch

Once you begin to unfold the ache of community within your craft, you will begin to understand the needs of the coven you are looking for, and can use these self-discoveries to find the perfect fit. 

Questions to ask

Most traditional Wiccan covens are led by a 3rd-degree clergy and craft knowledge may be taught through initiation stages called ‘degrees’, but not all operate in this way.

As discussed earlier finding a suitable coven is about researching, so begin to write down questions to ask about what the coven will offer or request from you.

These questions are not exclusive and need to be asked within both your shadow and light self, to find out the true nature of your purpose and direction as a witch.

A few examples

  • What Deities does the coven work with, and do I feel comfortable with them?
  • Is the coven part of a tradition I follow?
  • Do I need to make financial contributions?
  • Does the coven exclude a particular group of people or individuals?
  • How does one join or leave the coven?
  • Does the coven practice in secret or openly?
  • Are there any rituals within the coven that I may not be comfortable with? Such as skyclad (performing rituals with nothing but the sky to cover you – in other words naked).

Remember that a true Wiccan coven will never force you to do anything you do not feel comfortable with, and sexual rites are not part of any initiation.

After your inquiries you can then sit down and match the vibe to what you are looking for, to make sure you find a suitable match for you and your spiritual needs.

A spell for finding a coven

On the night of a new moon gather together:

  • 4 Bay Leaves: to gain wisdom and guidance from your spirit guides.
  • 1 handful of Carnation petals: used by witches during ‘the burning times’ to bring safety, protection, and courage.
  • 1 handful of Cinnamon: for spiritual quests.
  • 2 drops Frankincense oil: for calling spirits for guidance.
  • 4 drops Lemongrass oil: the great road opener for witches on a quest to find others.
Kid performing a spell

The bay leaf is known mostly for its banishing magical properties. Although most may not know that this magickal plant is also known by witches, as the wishing plant and is one of the most powerful herbs in manifesting.

First burn the bay leaf in a suitable fireproof bowl, to set the vibration of the spell, into calling in and magnetizing your coven to you.

Then mix all of the ingredients together on the new moon, before dusk while chanting:

I call upon divine guidance 

I call upon my intuition

To guide me to a place I long for

In trust 

In hope 

I call upon my coven to find me as I will look for you.

And so it is, and so it is. 

Then after sunset the following morning place the mixture in a sealed glass jar in the East of your home which represents air, to carry the call out into the world. 

When the following full moon is approaching, release the ingredients to the East outside your home and repeat the spell casting chant.

If you would like, wear a symbol of Wicca as a piece of jewelry to let other witches know, and bless the piece of jewelry with the intent of attracting fellow witches.

Creating your own coven

Do you feel called to lead a coven?

If you do not find a fit for your needs as a witch maybe this could be something that may be a calling of your purpose, offering your own practice and craft with others.

Think about how much time you have to dedicate yourself to it, and whether you are planning to begin more of a craft study circle. You may need to make a magic rule book and set your own intentions for what the group stands for.

Starting your own coven can be a magical place for others to join and awaken to their magic, through your own personal vision and can be a very rewarding part of being a witch, especially during the crone phase of life.


Whatever you are looking for in a coven, finding the right sacred space for you to develop your craft may take time, my advice is to be patient and let the universe do its work. There will be times where you go into something that may not be to your taste, but don’t be fooled by the outside appearance of the group, some of your best friends may be waiting inside for you to begin a magical journey with.

Please be aware of the side effects, sensitization, and hazardous effects that any herbs and oils you may be working with, may present before venturing into any ritual or spell. Never ingest any oils or herbs without the supervision of a licensed practitioner.