Witchcraft For Beginners – The Complete Guide

So you want to be a witch? Well, welcome soul sister or brother, this community is happy and proud to have you. But knowing you have the support of the community doesn’t necessarily bring this murky path into focus.

Allow us to walk you through your very first steps to safely practice witchcraft for beginners and ease any doubts or misconceptions you may have.

What is witchcraft?

Witchcraft is a practice of harnessing one’s will to manifest their best life and live at their best self. It will often be called a path as the path is towards healing, happiness and eventually enlightenment.

Therefore, it can be difficult to create a one path for everyone to follow as we are all coming from different points and all need and want different things. However, there are some generic paths within witchcraft which may call to us:

  • Light magic: A form of magic generally for positivity and love.
  • Dark magic: A form of magic that uses hexes, curses and malicious intent.
  • Spirit/ancestor work: Working with spirits close to and ancestors of the practitioner.
  • Energetic work: Using the energies of the universe and crystals for example, often for healing.
  • Devotional: Creating a practice centered around the devotion of a deity.

Why perform witchcraft

Witchcraft has a plethora of benefits too vast to mention in their entirety. Here’s a selection of the best reasons to perform witchcraft: emotional healing and trauma healing using processes of shadow work (more on this later on in the travel guide) and meditating.

Physical healing with herb/plant lore and crystal healing, bringing in new love, boosting a career and manifesting money with spell work.

Glimpsing into the future or navigating our internal landscape with divinatory tools like tarot, tasseomancy (reading tea leaves) or crystal pendulums. Protecting oneself from physical and spiritual dangers and banishing toxicity from your life.

Witch and tarot cards

Witchcraft is a practice and like everything it is neutral and it is what we do with it and our intentions behind it that dictate if something is ‘good’ or ‘bad.’ Take the example of a car; it can be used to drive someone to a hospital and save a life or it can be involved in an accident and cost someone their life.

In either example it is not the car’s fault but the driver. Witchcraft is the car; the witch is the driver and the destination and journey you take to get there are up to you. So let’s talk about the dark side of witchcraft, of curses and hexes.

To each their own and no judgement if you choose to curse or hex these are tools which in serious situations are sometimes needed and it’s no denying they are effective and this is a perk, but a darker one. But magic like this interferes with people’s free will and thee is a high price the practitioner has to pay.

If you are new to witchcraft, it is advised to steer clear of these forms of magic until you are very familiar with magic as dabbling before you are ready can be very dangerous for those around you and yourself.

Most witches don’t perform curses or hexes and tend to be soft and kind hearted. They use witchcraft for self-improvement and expression of their beliefs.

The importance of the Moon in witchcraft

So what’s the deal with the moon? Almost everything witches do centers around the moon. Lady Luna is like our grandmother, we think of her as family. In witchcraft the moon symbolises feminine power and being in-tune with our emotions.

The sun represents masculine power and the routine, hustle and grind we go through whilst the sun is up. But when the sun goes down, we can’t see, so we can’t work. Instead, we feel, and we dream by the moon. So if you want to be a witch, it’s probably time to fall in love with the moon if you haven’t already.

Witches often cast spells by the moon phases (not always and not every witch but it’s a good place to start if you’re new on this path).

Phases Of The Moon

🌑New moon: New beginnings, fresh start, set intentions for the lunar month and altar cleanse.

🌒Waxing crescent: To gently grow or build upon, career or love spells are good now.

🌓1st quarter moon: Half way between new and full, balance, healing spells work great now.

🌔Waxing gibbous: Topping off or ‘almost there spells’ small things to do, or a small boost.

🌕Full moon: At full power, any magic can be performed now and it will be heightened.

🌖Waning gibbous: Move from manifestation work to internal. Shadow work, emotional healing.

🌗Third quarter: Balanced moon again, remove toxicity and banishing spells.

🌘Waning crescent: The moon is almost gone.

🌑Dark moon: The days between thewaning crescent and the new moon are called the dark moon and are reserved for curses and hexes.

Working along in tune with the moon in this way means there is a time for everything to be sorted. A few lunar cycles like this and the hang ups about your ex are gone and in its place your career is taking off nicely. And perhaps even your love life is doing better than ever too.

What you need to get started

Common tools needed to begin witchcraft:

  • Black silk cloth, to place your sacred items on.
  • Sea salt.
  • Small bowl of rain water (ideally this should be fresh every time you use it).
  • Black pillar candle.
  • White pillar candle.
  • A clear jar or bottle to hold water to transform into moon water.
  • A base selection of crystals.
  • A wand usually handmade.
  • An item to divine with, like a pendulum or a tarot deck.
  • A book of shadows or grimoire.
  • Incense in any form but dried sage bundles or sticks of palo santo are cheap and last a very long time.
  • A dried herb collection of at least: sage, rosemary, lavender and pepper.
Flowers lying on a book

Witch on a budget? No problem. Clear quartz can be substituted for any crystal, white rose petals for any flower, Rosemary for any herb and white candles for any candle color.

Your first spell/ritual

Let’s perform your first spell as a witch. Most of us could use a little boost of happiness in our daily lives, perhaps you’ve sat through one too many rainy Monday mornings, gather these supplies and follow the steps to hail in that Friday feeling. And don’t worry this spell is completely safe and cannot cause any negativity in your life.


  • Rose quartz, preferably polished/smooth.
  • Vanilla oil.
  • A small bag or pouch.
  • Lavender.
  • A white pillar candle and a match/lighter.


  1. Cast your circle in your usual way. If you are unsure of where to begin you can follow our casting circle guide.
  2. Light your candle.
  3. Hold your rose quartz in your right hand and anoint it with the vanilla oil, rub this oil into the crystal with your right thumb three times clockwise.
  4. Pop it in your pouch then with your right hand sprinkle a pinch of lavender and as you seal the pouch say:
    “crystal of rose quartz and lavender,
    aid me in my quest to be happier,
    banish toxic and negative,
    allow in only what serves me, only positive.”
  5. Place this somewhere you can see it throughout the day or keep it in your bag so it is close to you always. For an extra boost, pop this under your pillow at night, but make sure you’ve secured the bag closed tightly so the lavender won’t spill out during the night.

Witch’s travel guide

Common words and phrases you need to know before you visit the world of magic:

“Blessed be” – Phrase: To go well/travel safely.

“Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again” – Phrase: Goodbye, I hope to see you again.

“So mote it be” – Phrase: Said at the end of a spell and means I make this happen.

Witch – Noun: A person of any gender whom practices witchcraft.

Baby witch – Noun: A person of any gender just beginning their path.

Coven – Noun: Collection of witches whom practice together.

Familiar – Noun: A spirit guide in animal form often black like crows or cats.

Eclectic – Noun: A witch who picks their own path.

Sabbats – Noun: Days of celebration marking the changing of the seasons.

Esbats – Noun: Days/nights of celebration for celestial activity like moon phases and planetary movements.

Correspondences – Noun: Items used in spells that have magical properties and what they relate to for instance pink candles and rose petals are both correspondences for love spells.

Altar – Noun: A sacred place to worship deity and or cast spells.

A circle/casting a circle – Adjective: To cast a safe space around the practitioner to perform magic within.

Spell craft – Adjective: To perform a spell.

Shadow work – Adjective: To look within and heal past trauma.

Divination – Adjective: Reading items such as tarot cards, crystal balls and tea leaves to look into the future.

Grounding – Adjective: The action of removing excess or negative energy from self and being in the moment.

Cleansing – Adjective: To cleanse an object energetically with incense or moon water to remove negativity or ‘energetic grime’ it may have picked up.

Charging – Adjective: To use moonlight, earth or sea water to imbue/fill an object with positive energy and power from the moon’s rays.

Witchcraft glossary


There is an entire world of witchcraft out there just waiting to be discovered and it is pure magic. Today you’ve learned the basics of what witchcraft is, why people perform it and how to cast your very first spell. We also covered the importance of the moon and some basic words and phrases you will commonly see whilst exploring this world.

Diving head first into this path has helped so many people heal from depression, anxiety and allowed them the space to develop themselves into successfully well-rounded and happy people.

This article is just a taster, a toe in the waters of this world but there is so much more to learn and discover.